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ANLET Blowers

ANLET only products air blower and vacuum pump (actually reverse application of air blower).
Therefore, ANLET determines that the company's survival strategy is the professionalism, quality, and technology of its products.

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About us

Since 1995, Mr. Nghia has been involved in industrial waste water treatment as local representative of Tsurumi, Koshin (submersible sewage pumps) and Secoh air blower in Vietnam. Until 1999 he became chief local representative of Anlet in Vietnam. However as a representative office, we were not allowed to do direct sales with local invoice to customers here in Vietnam. That’s why Anlet products were imported to Vietnam through only state owned companies during those days (Vimexco, Machino Import, Gecosexco…).
In order to import and supply direct to local customers here to be more cost saving, more competitive, also in order to expand to products from/made by other manufacturers we decided to establish SAVING Trading Co., Ltd. which was licensed by local government on April 03rd, 2003.
Nowadays, we are local representative, sole agent and authorized distributor of products specializing in waste water treatment as follows:
  1.  ANLET brand root type air & vacuum blower, made in Japan.
  2.  EDI brand Air diffuser in discs, tubes and systems, made in USA.
  3. SEKO brand chemical metering pump, made in Italy.
  4. SEKO brand pH, chlorine, Redox, DO, turbidity, conductivity controllers and flow meter, made in Italy.
  5. SEKO brand agitator & top entry mixer, made in Iataly.
  6. MOYNO brand progressing cavity pump (screw type mono pump), made in USA.
  7. EMO brand bar screen and rotary drum screen, made in France.
  8.  EMO brand belt filter press and chamber press, made in France.
  9.  EMO brand sludge dryer (after pressed), made in France.
  10. PIERALISI centrifuge decanter, made in Italy.
  11. GARBARINO pump for navy and ship building, made in Italy.
  12. HOMA submersible sewage pump, made in Germany.
  13.  WASSERATOR surface aerator (German brand, made in Malaysia).
  14. SANCO brand air compressor, made in Japan.
Besides, we are also authorized distributor of following products:
  1. TSUBAKI brand heavy industry chains & bulky system, made in Japan.
  2. TSUBAKI brand power transmission products, made in Japan.
  3. TSUBAKI brand cam clutches, made in Japan.
  4. EUROFLO brand centrifugal pump, fire fighting pump and multi-stage pump (Australian brand, assembled in Singapore)
  5. GARBARINO pump for navy and ship building, made in Italy.
  6. AMCON volute dewatering (screw & discs), made in Japan.
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