Industrial laundry
Water, environment, RO system and industrial plants
Petroleum, petrochemical, energy industry, food, pharmaceutical....

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ANLET Blowers

ANLET only products air blower and vacuum pump (actually reverse application of air blower).
Therefore, ANLET determines that the company's survival strategy is the professionalism, quality, and technology of its products.

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Seko measuring device

SEKO là Nhà manufacture dosing pumps hóa substance và largest measuring device at Ý. SEKO có Full range of products from dòng solenoid metering pump màng, motor pump màng... to piston pump...From c´c meter, pH sensor, chlorine, Oxygen hòa melt ...single to các Panel type complex of many different measuring tools, from các fixed mounting products to portable, handheld, from các miscellaneous accessories to cá ;c châm system, quantifying hóa substance and/agrave;n toàn automatically.
Seko's products are divided into làm 3 mãng chính according to users:
  1. Washing and washing industry
  2. Water, môi field, RO system và các nhà máy côindustry
  3. Oil, hóa oil, côenergy, food, pharmaceutical industries....
Hiên at, SEKO có branch ánh in 15 countries và các SEKO's products are being used in more than 80 countries.